Research Unit Presentation

The RPPsy (EA 4050) “Research in psychopathology and psychoanalysis” is a URM (Joint Research Unit). It is located in the University of Rennes 2 (main site), the University of Poitiers, the University of Brest and UCO of Angers.

It welcomes as permanent members lecturer-researchers in psychoanalytically oriented psychopathology.  It welcomes also, as associate members, professionals from institutions with whom work is carried out in the medical, medico-social, educational, and judicial fields oriented by the clinical subject. Research – much of which is part of wider international cooperation (South America, Europe, Russia, North Africa, Asia) – promotes a case by case approach reflective of the psychoanalytical orientation (predominantly Lacanian orientation). RPpsy researchers (EA 4050) publish in both French and foreign journals, as well as publishing a number of books that are considered a reference in the field of psychopathology  .

Within an accredited Doctoral School (PhD), the RPpsy (EA 4050) welcomes doctoral students who develop innovative research within a clinical paradigm.  In addition, the RPpsy (EA 4050) also welcomes foreign students with study grants.

Research areas

Each site (Rennes, Poitiers, Brest, Angers) is a component of RPpsy and bears a specific title (Rennes, main site, having two components):

C-RCP: Research component in Psychoanalytic Clinic, psychic processes, and aesthetics, Catholic University of the West, Angers, UCO.
C-RPC: Research Component in Clinical Psychopathology, University of Brest, UBO.
C-CAPS: Clinical Component of the Act and Psycho-Sexuality, University of Poitiers.
C-LS: Subjective Logic Component and New Symptom Forms, Rennes 2 University.
C-CPS: Specific fields and practices component, Rennes 2 University.

The research topics of the components are transversal and allow RRpsy researchers, outside their university affiliation, to lead and participate in joint projects and research.