Research Unit Presentation

The RPpsy “Recherches en psychopathologie et psychanalyse” is a multi-site research unit (UR) (ID RNSR: 200615297F). It is based at the University of Rennes 2 (main institution), the University of Poitiers and the UCO in Angers. Its full members are psychoanalytically-oriented senior lecturers or professors in psychopathology, and its associate members are the unit’s doctoral students (by right), the unit’s PhDs, emeritus senior lecturers or professors, independent researchers and professionals from institutions working in the medical, medico-social, educational and legal fields, with a subject clinical focus. The research – much of which is carried out in international cooperation (South America, Europe, Russia, North Africa, Asia) – promotes a unique psychoanalytically-oriented approach to the case. RPpsy researchers publish in French and foreign scientific journals, as well as a number of reference works in psychopathology.

Within its two accredited doctoral schools (ED 646, ELICCE; ED 650, Humains en société), RPpsy welcomes doctoral students who are developing innovative research based on psychopathology, psychoanalysis and related fields.  It also welcomes foreign students on doctoral research scholarships.


 Each site is a component of the RPpsy research unit and has a specific title:


 RPpsy UCO (UCO Angers)

 RPPsy Poitiers CAPS (University of Poitiers)

 RPpsy Rennes 2 (University of Rennes 2)


Six cross-disciplinary thematic areas enable the unit’s researchers, in addition to belonging to one of the unit’s three sites, to lead and participate in joint projects and research.


  1. 1. Acts, creations and subjective inventions
  2. 2. Contemporary language clinic and subjective emergences
  3. 3. Body, subjectivity and medicine
  4. 4. Clinics of violence and radicalisms
  5. 5. Family, parenthood, sexuation, gender
  6. Science, digital and the unconscious